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 • More than 50 years in the widebelt sanding and abrasives industries. • Analyzing the sanding process of over 1,000 machines at over 500 companies and discovering numerous areas for improvement. • Ten U.S. Patents on sanding innovations 


Take away the guess work with our Snap Gauges

Easy and accurate tools, perfect  for today's lower skilled work force.


1 X 1 gage $165.00

2 X 4 gage $215.00

3 X 2 gage $215.00

Includes a custom storage case!


Howard Grivna

 Howard Grivna brings over 50 years of experience to assist with you. He not only understands the technology but how an organization needs to apply it from top to bottom. Howard has also gained an in-depth, knowledge of abrasives, the importance of their correct interfacing with the sander and the complete sanding process.



Training Manual

With this one-of-a-kind manual Howard has combined his hands-on appraoch with the technical data to help you improve your widebelt sanding operation and have a positive impact on your overall production expenses.  $ 140.00

Instructional DVD

Now the expert training manual is  available on DVD in PowerPoint Format. $ 70.00

Manual and DVD Combo

Get both formats for $ 190.00

Set-up Fixtures


Set-Up / Diagnostic Device with Remote Readout

• Set / Check relative height settings of contact drums,
pinch rolls, and shoes throughout your entire machine
• Set / Check side to side height settings of contact drums,
pinch rolls, and shoes
• Check contact drums, pinch rolls, and shoes for wear
across face
• Check runout of contact drumsType your paragraph here

$ 760.00

Knowledge Based Articles


We will send you (Free!) detailed articles on any  of the following topics: (Just contact us with the article you would like us to send to you)
Article #1:. Wide Belt Sander Sense - Typical set-up problems with wide belt sanders.

Article #2: Feed speed and amount of material removal.

Article #3: Selecting the right grit.
​Article #4: Belt grading comparision.

Article #5: Proper depth of cut.

Article #6: Diagnostic devices for sanders.

Article #7: Why your sander can't hold tolerance.

Article #8: Tips when buying a sander.

Article #9: Belt Thickness variations.

Article #10: Sanding head variations. 

Article #11: Sander drum variations.

Article #12: Sanding fuzzy wood.

Article #13: Belt cleaning procedures.

Article #14: Polishing platens.

Article #15: Best applications for bottomless.

Article #16: Load meters can fool you.
​Article #17: Color variations.

Article #18: Correlation of Abrasive Grit, Drum Hardness,
& Abrasive Belt Speeds on Used or Older Machines.

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